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Black Diamond

This presentation was recorded live - 28 Feb 2023.

Alexandria Virginia


 African American Hall of Fame


Samuel A. Clark Jr.


     Over a period of a dozen years, Murray’s great-granddaughter, Anita Hackley-Lambert, unearthed an extensive treasure trove of documents and interviews, each one supporting historian Herbert Aptheker’s claim that F.H.M. Murray “merits extended biographical notice.” One of a handful of African Americans to be formally educated in the United States during the 19th century, Murray broke from the confines of racial injustice and worked beside such heroic social reformers as W.E.B. Du Bois, William Monroe Trotter, and Ida B. Wells.

     This biography unfolds with Murray standing on the podium at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia in 1906 presenting the opening address at the Second Annual Conference of the Niagara Movement, the first civil rights movement of the twentieth century of which he was a co-founder. His involvement and commitment to the Niagara Movement and its related publication The Horizon: A Magazine of the Color Line, plus his co-founding of the NAACP and his other contributions to African American civil justice have been painstakingly researched and meticulously annotated.

    This biography also guarantees an exceptional individual his rightful place in American history.


     For more information or to request a official signature copy of this biography, please contact the author directly at or through the author’s website at

     Additional copies of "F.H.M. MURRAY: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice" is available for sale online at,, and the authors’ web site.

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