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Evangelist, author, historian, genealogist, biographer, and researcher Anita Hackley Lambert is the mother of three sons and a daughter. She resides in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.

Calling and Spiritual Aspirations 


She was raised in a Christian home and "attended church every time the doors opened." Being called by God in 1987, her life and heart were healed by her faith and belief in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Following that calling, Ms. Lambert became a licensed and ordained gospel minister.  As an evangelist, her first and most important priority is to serve and obey God's word. She is inspired to encourage and announce the "good news" from God's holy word, the Bible, to others. She is anointed with several spiritual gifts. In addition, she is a seer, a spiritual warrior, operates in the spirit realms, and intercedes on behalf of others.

Compilations and Other Aspirations

As a result of her ongoing research, Ms. Lambert's compilations and writing schedule are complete. She has uncovered another compelling family secret in the upcoming companion book to Freeman Murray's legacy (ECHOES OF DESTINY, Barry A. Murray Unmasked is forthcoming). In addition, she is completing biographical sketches of Mr. Murray's bloodline contributions to American history – which includes genealogy charts. The planned publication for these two historical texts is in the fall/winter of 2023.

Added to the 2023 list of books to publish are two spiritual texts: one of her two near-death experiences and the other, an inspirational book about God's plan for humanity.

At 76, Ms. Lambert is determined to continue to pursue her two aspirations with each breath. "There is much I have been called and tasked to do. Quitting is never an option for my family. Onward to victory is the mark! Who knows, perhaps I may be given time to publish my autobiography. We shall see!"

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