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Anita Hackley Lambert is an evangelist, researcher, historian, genealogist, business owner, biographer, and author of technical government publications. In addition to her other works, she is the mother of three sons and one daughter; and lives in West Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

When she was twelve years old, she set out to become a published author. She wrote "Nowhere to Run," her first book, about the sexual abuse she suffered from the age of five to fourteen, but she never published it.

However, as a promise to her mother, Florence Luckett Hackley, to write a book about her “brilliant” grandfather, Freeman Henry Morris Murray, Ms. Lambert’s dream manifested. Her ten-year research and genealogical study resulted in a masterful addition to African American history that had been long overdue.

In August 2006, the Harpers Ferry Historical Society heard about her book project and requested that Mr. Murray be the primary focus of their Centennial celebration of the Niagara Movement, of which he was a co-founder. When she published her first book, "F. H. M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice," her book went "rush to press."

Ms. Lambert is the first person to acknowledge and provide an accurate account of Mr. Murray's life and legacy.  She spends her spare time evangelizing, preaching, writing and giving lectures about her maternal great-grandfather and his achievements in in American history.

She asserts, "This project was and continues as an intense labor of love." I am certain that I would have done a better job had I more time. Grandpa Murray was a remarkable man who gave a lot to his Alexandria, Virginia community. He fulfilled his promise to honor his father, John M. Murray Sr. to devote his life to fight for the civil rights of his "beloved race."

Many of his contributions to American history are acknowledged in her book, which includes highlights of Mr. Murray’s ingenious vision plan and gives reference to his historical publication, “Emancipation and the Freed in American Sculpture, A Study in Interpretation.”

Numerous well-known authors have praised her book, including historian and author Charles Patterson and New York Times bestselling author Ellen Tanner Marsh.

As a result of her ongoing research, Ms. Lambert compilations and writing schedule is full. She has uncovered an additional compelling family secret in the upcoming companion book to Freeman Murray's legacy (title is forth coming). In addition, she is completing biographical sketches of Mr. Murray's bloodline contributions to American history – that includes genealogy charts. The planned publication for these two historical texts is the fall/winter of 2023.

Added to the 2023 list of books to publish are two spiritual texts: one of her two near death experiences and, the other, an inspirational book about God's plan for humanity.

Now at 75, Ms. Lambert is a living testimony to her great grandfather’s belief system that anyone, with hard work and perseverance can achieve his/her dreams as long as they never give up.  

You are invited to revisit this site to read her blog and to stay up-to-date on her works-in-progress.

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