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Projects for 2023 and 2024

My Works-in-Progress I think you will enjoy!

As a result of her ongoing research, Ms. Lambert compilations and writing schedule is full. She has uncovered an additional compelling family secret in the upcoming companion book to Freeman Murray's legacy (title is forth coming). In addition, she is completing biographical sketches of Mr. Murray's bloodline contributions to American history – that includes genealogy charts. The planned publication for these two historical texts is the fall/winter of 2023.

Added to the 2023 list of books to publish are two spiritual texts: one of her two near death experiences and, the other, an inspirational book about God's plan for humanity.

Barry A. Murray Unmasked

This book unveils the second best kept secret of the F. H. M. Murray family, hidden for 50 years. It is a facinating story of a man with a central focus with roots stemming from as far back as 1235 AD and ending in 2002.


Coming in 2024
Hell, the Light, Jesus & Angels are Real

In this book, the reader will travel with the author as she encounters death while her spirit travels beyond this 3D world, crosses through the 4D demonic realm to the 5D after life world and the light of Jesus. On her journey she encounters the devil and the gates of hell, his demonic agents before being lead to the light where she receives future revelations before being sent back into her body. Many of those revelations have manifested. Others are currently being unveiled. Her messages is "There is life after death! There is a real hell and a real heaven - satan and his demons are real. Jesus is real! There is a massive shaking coming to humanity, even greater and more fearful than the past. Soon time will be no more. Now is the time for humanity to remove the scales from their eyes. Now is the time to focus on things above and not things from earth. In the blink of an eye and it will all be over. At that moment each person will know their eternal destiny.

MASTER CHOICE1-NDE-THE AFTERLIFE-Front book cover by Anita Hackley Lambert-version 3.jpg

Coming in 2024

This project is in it infancy planning stage. More details will be provided once the writing begins. Be sure to visit this site again to check out new details. Thank you!


F.H.M. Murray-Civil Rights Activist Family Member Biographies & Genealogy Charts

The contents of this book consists of individual biographies of the family members of the Murray Clan highlighting their achievements within in the family empire - as they contributed to American history, in particular, African American history.

FHMMURRAY family member civil rights activists bios and genealogy charts.png

Coming in 2024
God's Plan Your Destiny


Uncover the transformative power of God's favor and the abundant promises within His timeless word. This captivating book guides readers on a heartfelt journey, revealing the wisdom of the Bible to address every aspect of life. Readers discover their divine destiny and experience remarkable transformations by seeking truth and embracing God's blessings. Prepare to be inspired as this compassionate narrative blends ancient wisdom with contemporary relevance, leading readers toward a life of purpose and fulfillment..

THE CONNECTION-FRONT book cover by Anita Hackley Lambert-original1.png

Coming in 2024
The Life & Times of Joan M. Anderson

Discover the extraordinary story of Black Girl Rich World Margaret Anderson in "Black Girl Rich World." Follow her incredible journey as an orphan girl who defies poverty, enters the homes of the world's wealthiest families, and ultimately works under two former U.S. Presidents. Experience her awe-inspiring rise from the depths of hardship to the pinnacle of independence—a true from-outhouse-to-White-House saga that will leave you inspired and captivated Be sure to visit this site again to check out new details. Thank you!

JOAN ANDERSON Front Book Cover image1.jpg
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